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Rendezvous Guidelines
(Must read before our date)

I have the privilege to afford to handpick the people I choose to meet.

Here are the few points you should focus on if you want to remain in that selection of mine.



If you think Sex Workers blacklist clients only when they ask for unprotected sex, let me introduce myself ;)

I attach the utmost importance to personal hygiene in general. Bad hygiene is probably the motive for blacklisting I used the most in my career. For the same reasons we don’t go to our dentist right after having eaten Shish-Taouk, you should never visit a SW when you have bad hygiene since it is, in my opinion, inextricably linked with respect.


(Un)fortunately, my olfactory sense is very developed, and it makes it very hard for me to stand bad odour. A shower, fresh towels, mouthwash, scented and unscented body wash will always be at your disposal at my incall location and you will be kindly asked to use them. There won’t be any exception to this rule, no matter if you already smell good, if you just showered before leaving home or if you don’t want to lose minutes of your appointment. There won’t be any exception to this rule. Declining or arguing the shower proposal is also a lack of respect in my opinion.


Disclaimer: I know I sound like a ‘’neat-freak’’ in that latter, but just know that, after the outside world has been removed from your body, I am not afraid of getting dirty and am more than eager to do so! I have no aversion whatsoever to sweats and other body liquids induced by me during our time together.


Although hygiene is a part of what I consider respect, there are many components to it.

Respect starts with being courteous and polite with my staff and me during pre-appointment communications. I treat my staff with the utmost respect, and I won’t tolerate anyone being pushy or rude towards them. I will take it as a good preview of the way you’re going to treat me and will refuse to meet you if you do so.

Any haggling over my donations or my limits will be considered extremely disrespectful and ensure that my time shall never be dedicated to you.

On the other side, I find good manners extremely sexy. No proof of respect will remain unnoticed and I might not say a word about it but in my head, I add it to your file. Keep earning points! You will love the preferred treatment you get when you are in that category!


No matter what some people say, I cannot read minds (yet!)

I can feel people quite easily, but all individual is different and communicating your likes and dislikes with me on any level is crucial for me to ensure your session is as enjoyable as possible. I’m very open-minded and will never judge anything you want to tell me about yourself. I’ll be forthcoming with you, and I appreciate that you do the same. Brutal honesty doesn’t scare me. Giving me directions on how to please you is all to your advantage.

I have a code of ethics for myself too!


Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays
On demand only


The Small Details

I love Champagne and German wheat beer. My favorite cocktail is gin tonic but my all-time favourite drink will always remain tea, any kind of tea.


When in doubt, and you would like to bring a little something to our date, beeswax candles or a blend of your favourite tea are my favourites!

Bonus point for a donation in a red enveloppe ;)

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